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Marine Engineering turned Wildlife Conservationist, Jeswin followed his passion of the natural world after being a part of family that was previously engaged in hunting. Having started his career with WWF, he worked with the Tiger Project along with Elephant Conflict Mitigation in the Nilgiris Biosphere, where he was born and raised. Growing up, Jeswin took a keen interest in Snakes & Butterflies. Years later, he started an organisation with a few others called Wildlife Wranglers, with the motto ‘Conservation through Education’. Recently, he even assisted the forest department to mitigate Man-Elephant conflict that is a common feature in the foothills of the Nilgiris. To shed light on the matter, he made an award winning film called ‘Kaliru’ that showcases the plight of man and the species, as they come in regular contact with one another. His enthusiasm for wildlife along with a keen eye for photography fuels his passion as a Naturalist at Svasara. Jeswin is fluent in English, Hindi and Tamil.