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In Awe of Nature

In Awe of Nature

What can Eagles Teach Us?

{Blog 2 of Series, What can Animals Teach Us; Read Blog 1 Here.}

Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in Central India is an ancient forest, and one of the oldest protected natural reserves in the country. Although famous for the sightings of the Royal Bengal Tiger, the park is home to more than 200 species of birds as well. Amongst the birds of prey, eagles are a sight that always leaves one fascinated with their display of power and precision. If you have ever gotten the opportunity to observe them in action, you will truly relate to the below lessons we could learn from them about Life!

Focus, Focus, Focus

The importance of “focus” is evident across a wide spectrum of self-improvement books, TED talks, mentoring sessions etc. In nature, eagles are an excellent example of what focus and determination helps to accomplish. With the ability to focus on something as far as five kilometres, once an eagle identifies its prey, it does not move its focus away till it is able to get to it. Our eye vision might not be as sharp like the eagles’, but our mental visions can be and if we let our vision (goal-clarity) guide us with a strong focus on one goal at a time, we can achieve all our goals.

Love the Storm

When clouds gather, other birds might take refuge in trees, but eagles use the storm’s wind to lift higher, and glide while giving its wings rest. Can we try seeking meaning in the storms of life? It is often said, if challenges are embraced, they can help one achieve greater heights, they can push us to become stronger, they can propel us to explore the purpose of our being. Love the storm, to get to the rainbow beyond!

Keep Good Company

Eagles fly with only eagles, and together they soar high altitudes. This is a reminder of how important the role of the people we spend time with is. We should flock to positive-minded people, and people we would like to mirror in our lives. Sort of alluding also to the benefits of creating your own “tribe”.  

Be Fearless

Eagles never surrender to the size or strength of its prey. It always puts up a brave fight to win or to defend its territory. When confronted with troubles, instead of giving up, let us strive to face it with all our might. There is another unique characteristic of eagle, when compared to other birds of prey like the hawks etc. They never look back before striking the prey – which accords them with the name – kings or monarchs of sky!

From the Naturalists’ Desk: The Eagles with Recorded Sightings at Tadoba

  1. Crested Serpent Eagle (resident) Spilornis cheela
  2. Grey-Headed Fish Eagle (resident) Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus
  3. Short-Toed Snake Eagle (resident ) Circaetus gallicus
  4. Crested Hawk-Eagle (resident) Nisaetus cirrhatus cirrhatus
  5. Bonelli’s Eagle (resident) Aquila fasciata
  6. Booted Eagle (migrant) Hieraaetus pennatus
  7. Indian Spotted Eagle (resident) Clanga hastata
  8. Greater Spotted Eagle (resident) Aquila clanga
  9. Black Eagle (resident) Ictinaetus malaiensis

Research/Fact Checks/Identification Acknowledgements to Naturalists: Anusua PalArpit Parekh, Jignesh Patel, Prasun MajumdarRishin Basu Roy, & Swarna Chakrabarty

Illustrations: Austin Tu (6 yrs), Devina S. Ramchandran (5 yrs), Esha Sinha (10 yrs), & Nandika Sinha (11 yrs)

Pictures: Bhautik R. Desai, Mayank P. Sinha, Ranjit Mandal, Sanjay Ramchandran, & Sayan Roy Chowdhury


Book: Animal Teachings, Dawn Brunke

Blog: 7 Powerful Life Lessons from the Eagle, Carla Ibanzo

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