Our Team


Co-Owner & Managing Director

A graduate of École hôtelière de Lausanne, and a certified eco-tourism practitioner, Ratika was the natural choice to take up the responsibility for the family-owned jungle lodge Svasara. She however, considers herself lucky to be able to pursue her passion for sustainability through her “work”! Her husband, (who she first met at Tadoba…) Sanjay Ramchandran, is India’s ace food photographer and researcher. Him along with the other family foodies ensure that Svasara’s signature cuisine is an equal ingredient in creating a memorable wildlife holiday for their guests.  


General Manager

Ranjit has been instrumental in establishing svasara as a credible wildlife brand, and has been with the property since its launch in 2011. His wildlife experience goes back a few more years, as before Tadoba he was at a jungle camp in Corbett for two years. With his heart in wildlife and soul in hospitality, he is the perfect general manager to welcome you at svasara. With him as your host, you will feel at home and you will leave svasara, with a friendship to cherish forever. Ranjit himself is an avid photographer and is often considered a lucky charm for the safaris! His personal memories of Tadoba lead to countless narratives with fellow wildlifers. And, perhaps under a star-lit sky, you might also witness some very melodious singing by him.


Lodge Manager

Nandita takes up full responsibility of the service and quality standards at the lodge. With her meticulous long hours every day, svasara remains consistent in its service and has a team that is trained with every little detail. With a happy smile, she will ensure all your requirements and special requests are fulfilled! May be a wee bit tiger-centric, she enjoys wildlife safaris herself, and loves to hear guests share their experience post their safari return!


RIP 1988 - 2016

Rest in peace Chirag, true to your name you will continue to light up our lives with all the fond memories we have of you. The team and guests of svasara misses you every day. You were our first naturalist we recruited! And our best!!



Rishin has completed his masters in Ecology and Environmental Science. He is affably called a walking-talking encyclopedia! He is deeply interested and passionate about sharing his knowledge on the history, geography, flora & fauna of India. An evening spent with him leaves our guests infused with energy to spend more time in the wild. Rishin is fluent in English, Hindi, & Bengali.



Although a techie by qualification, Prasun had his heart in wildlife and nature since his childhood. He hence quit his job from the technology field to explore greener pastures. He received his naturalist training at Sundarbans and worked there for a few years before joining the svasara team at Tadoba. He is most passionate about birding. Prasun Is fluent in English, Hindi, and Bengali.



Swarna is also nicknamed butterfly for his deep passion in studying and conserving the beautiful world of butterflies! In his tenure at svasara he has successfully created a butterfly corner and insect watch activities at the lodge. He is a keen wildlife photographer himself and his work has been published in several wildlife magazines and websites. He also has enriching experiences of working on many field projects such as East Kolkata Wetlands Bird Studies, Herpetology Workshops, Tiger Census and many birding camps. Swarna is fluent in English, Hindi, & Bengali.



Bhautik is an adventure lover and a trained mountaineer. Before joining the svasara team, he has worked for wildlife NGOs and travel companies. He has immense experience in field research, wildlife rescue and census recording in Gujarat for population estimates of leopard, crocodile and different species of birds. He is a keen birder and photographer, and considers his passion to be able to identify the countless species of birds and reptiles. Hailing from hometown Vadodara, he is fluent in its local language Gujarati as well as English & Hindi.



Dollar takes a keen interest in observing birds, butterflies, along with a myriad of other animals. It’s not just their beauty that intrigues him, but he enjoys witnessing them play their respective roles within their natural habitat. It was during his Master’s dissertation that his interest in wildlife peaked as he studied the interaction of different nectar feeding birds that are instrumental in the pollination of the Palash flower. Later, he worked as a research affiliate for Nature Mates - Nature Club, where he observed the behaviour of Hornbills in Northern part of West Bengal. Apart from spending much time in montane forests, he enjoys engaging in meaningful conversations, sharing his ideas with much enthusiasm and zest. When he’s not busy studying the many wonders of nature, he is equally thrilled to express himself through Bengali poetry. Dollar is fluent in English, Hindi, & Bengali.


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